• Flood Resilience Portal

    The Flood Resilience Portal provides practitioners who live and work in flood-affected communities with easy access to the resources they need to build resilience to floods

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  • Flood Resilience Game

    Flood resilience game allows players to experience, explore, and learn about the flood risk of communities in river valleys. The game is designed to help participants – such as NGO staff

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Webinar: Approaches in stakeholder participation for resilience

The Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance and the Climate Information Services Research Initiative (CISRI) will be co-hosting a Webinar on the importance of and the challenges with including, involving and working alongside the communities and institutions who are affected by climate variability, change and hazards. The presenters will share their experiences of these approaches, examining what the...

Flood defences: how willow proved to be a natural defender

Cumbrian farmers who planted willow for a Swedish paper mill say the crop kept floods at bay

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